WIELDING THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT – Table of Contents & Preface

TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapters 1- 15
1.What’s in the name Jesus? Honouring the Messiah’s Identity & Purpose.
Poem: Jesus
2.Jesus is always praying & gives us reasons to Pray.
Poem: A Call to Prayer: Arise!
3.A Return to the “Garden” through Christ
Poem: The Return
4.Precious One, God Sees & Knows
5.True or False Worship unto God
Part 1: Cain, Abel & You – Making Choices that lead to True or False Worship unto God Part 2: Mary of Bethany, Mary Magdalene & You: No Barriers to a Worshipful Life unto God
Poems: A Worshipful Life Abandoned In Worship
6.“One thing” to keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing
Poem: My Desire for His Things
7.At the Altar of Sacrifice: What does living sacrificially for God really mean?
Poem: Altar of Sacrifice
8.Cultivating Harmonious Co-Existence from a Christian Perspective
-The “1-2-3 Domino effect” of the Two Greatest Commandments & the Power of forgiveness
Poem: God’s Bridge of Love
9.Close Friends by Divine Appointment
Poem: The Spirit of Truth
10. Perfect Peace like a River
Receive the Master’s Peace
God’s Strength & Peace
Peace Offering
Perfect Peace
11.Living a Purposeful Life unto God
Poems: Significance unto Self Intimacy with Purpose
12.What it means to be an Astute Business Man or Woman of God – Trusting & Immovable
Poem: Trusting & Immovable
13.Who I’m I? It is a Matter of Perception!
Poem: The Street Dweller
14.The Battle is the LORD’s: True Worshippers are Guaranteed
Victory in Life’s Battles (2 Chronicles 20).
Poem: The Battle is the LORD’s
15.Exaltation of Warrior God & His Chosen Warrior King, Jesus Christ
Poems & Poetic Songs (Psalms):
Yahweh Nissi (The LORD my Banner; Standard or Standard-Bearer)
Yahweh Gibbor (Man of War; The Lord, the Mighty)
Yahweh Sabaoth (The LORD of Hosts)
Wielding the Sword of the Spirit is a book with a collection of teachings based on diverse biblical topics about God and Jesus Christ as well as the human heart and experience presented in chapters each with inter-relating inspirational teachings and poems or poetic songs/psalms.
The inspirational teachings, packed with scriptural quotations or references are written as exhortations, devotionals or motivational articles with counsel. In most cases the author wrote the teaching first and was inspired to write the poem or poems that relate to the teaching soon afterwards. In some cases the poems were inspired by certain scriptures the author read or by a certain trend of thought giving the inspiration to write the teaching or exhortation derived from them. This book is ideal for personal and group study, enjoyment and inspiration. This book is Volume 2 of the Treasures of Wisdom series by the author, Deborah E. Nyamekye.

Volume 2 Treasures of Wisdom Series
£7.50 Paperback

£3.99 Kindle Edition (e-book)

Amazon Central Author Page: https://amazon.com/author/nyamekyede


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